What A Jerk!

Brooklyn has become a pretty popular tourist attraction for travelers visiting the Big Apple. Its social development is improving quite rapidly and it now offers a broad index of things to do. So whether you’re an out-of-town visitor or native New Yorker, if you’re ever in the neighborhood of downtown Brooklyn, stop by the Dekalb Market Hall at Albee Square. There you will find a movie theater, Target, Trader Joe’s and novelty shops; just to name a few. It is also the hub of a really neat food court that has an impressive array of eateries and a lively atmosphere. If you are looking for something to satisfy your Caribbean pallet, a Likkle More Jerk is a great place to try. The menu isn’t large, but the prices are reasonable and you should be able to find something just a “likkle” spicy to tickle your taste buds!

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