Top 5 Favorite Things To Do In Jamaica

Dunn’s River Falls – Dunn’s River is located in the area where the Spaniards called it, Las Chorreras (meaning land of rivers and springs) but is now called Ocho Rios. Dunn’s River is one of four rivers in Jamaica that flows directly into the Caribbean Sea. It is definitely one of Jamaica’s biggest tourist attractions. When you arrive at Dunn’s River Park you will be at the top of the Falls and you’ll have to descend down quite a bit of steps until you reach the bottom at Dunn’s River Beach. It’s a beautiful beach and you can hang out, swim or meet some of the locals. You’ll want to take pictures at the bottom of the falls… and OMG the water from the falls is bit chilly but worth it! Now, if you’re ready for the climb up the Falls there are tour guides to help you with the climb or if you feel brave you can climb without the guide. Along your climb there are crevices and pools you can sit, take pictures or rest if you need to 😀
Once you have reach the top you must take a pic under the congratulation sign and feel proud that you have experienced one of Jamaica’s beautiful natural wonders!

Glistening Waters/Luminous Lagoon – The Luminous Lagoon is in the parish of Trelawny and the area of Falmouth. It is one of the most incredible places in the world. Luminous Lagoon is one of four locations in the world and the only location where the luminary reaction can be seen 365 days of the year regardless of the weather. The Martha Brae River and the Caribbean Sea meet and the mixture of these two bodies of water create bioluminescence microorganisms that when there is movement to the water it glows brightly at night. Bring your swimsuit and hop aboard a small boat and let your Captain tell history and tall tales of the lagoon and Jamaica while reggae music can be heard softly in the background. Get in the water, if you’re not scared and move around and see how brightly the water glows…it is absolutely beautiful!

Scotchies Restaurant – This is a must stop and eat! There are two locations, Montego Bay and Ocho Rios. I have been to both and they are both great! Since it’s an open air restaurant before you even walk up to the entrance you can smell the delicious aroma of roasting jerk chicken and pork. The food is absolutely delicious you will not be disappointed!! Please try the roasted fish…OMG it will melt in your mouth! It’s a fun and casual atmosphere that makes you feel like you are about to have one of the best times of your life!
Be careful not mistaken their hot sauce as gravy because you will be on fire!…my cousin made that mistake and needed lots of drinks! 😩

Bob Marley’s Compound In Nine Mile – I am a Bob Marley fan and was still a little hesitant about going because the day we chose to go it was very hot and sunny and I wanted to stay on the beach and get my tan on! 😎 But I was convinced by my sisters and friend to go and I was sooo happy I did. Nine Mile is located in St. Ann’s parish and this is where Bob was born. The compound is built around Bob’s childhood home which you can tour. On one part of the compound there are seating areas, a restaurant and gift shop and another part of the compound is his mausoleum area where he is resting. When I went inside I felt a sense of calm and peace as if he was acknowledging me and making sure I felt at ease. It was a humbling spiritual experience for me and if you are a true Bob fan I would definitely recommend visiting. Make sure to bring US single $dollars for tipping, they really appreciate it.

Local Beach Bar By The Beach – Driving down the road along the coast and you hear some serious loud reggae tunes and you wonder where it’s coming from? Because all you can see is small shacks sitting along the beach and you can’t imagine that the vibes are coming from one of them, but they are. Some of the local beach side bars are great! So, stop by have a Red Stripe beer and roasted fish, talk with the locals and get to know the “real” Jamaica!

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