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Top 4 Travel Planning Apps

Here are the top travel planning apps I feel are great to help plan your vacation or weekend getaway.  Each app is available for google play or apple apps. These apps are really helpful for keeping your travel planning organized. 

Pack Point (Google Play)       Pack the bag (Apple Apps)  

Both are great apps which allows you to create lists of the things you’ll need to remember to pack.  Each of these apps have many items to choose from to create your own personal list.  You can make as many lists as you want and give them your own personal names.  To create a list you choose items from the apps creator’s list and name the list.  When you are ready to pack open up your list and check each item off as you pack.


I love this app!  You can create a vacation plan and invite people who are traveling with you.  Blog and have discussions about upcoming plans before and during your trip.  It allows you to create vacation itineraries/schedules, take pics and instantly share your photos.  You can also share and track expenses.  Communication during your trip is easy because you can always be in contact with your travel buddies if you all have different plans for the day without using any roaming or international charges on your cell.


This is a very popular app and I find it extremely useful.  You can search hotels, resorts, restaurants, air flights, car rentals and activities for your destinations.  I love looking at the vacationer’s personal pictures and reading their reviews, it can be helpful when choosing where to stay or what to do.  

I really hope you find these apps as useful as I do, happy travels!😎

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