Sometimes It’s Better to Unplug

I’m a pretty private person when it comes to my personal life, so unplugging from the outside world, especially when it’s time to vacate, is of supreme importance to me. My phone can often be found left behind in the hotel safe, buried deep in my handbag or in the pocket of a jacket somewhere. I refuse to potentially lose a special moment that may never happen again because I was posting to or inviting social media in on my personal time…and I also find it mildly disrespectful to others. Nevertheless, I understand that some things that I believe in, do or don’t do may differ from many. I don’t mind occasionally sharing lighthearted things with social media, I just don’t believe that it is the best platform for airing one’s laundry; dirty or otherwise.

But the most important thing that’s being lost, to me, is simply being present. Of course there will be instances when you’ll want to capture, document & share precious moments with family & friends; I do so myself. What I wonder is what makes someone so compelled to immediately share with social media, those moments that deserve your complete attention. Wouldn’t it be equally gratifying to unplug and just enjoy your time with the people you’re traveling or socializing with? Then share to social media (if you must) post vacation?

More importantly, depending on the content you share, it can also be quite dangerous. You’re giving a broad audience of relative strangers who ordinarily wouldn’t have privilege to this information (because let’s be honest, most of our social media “friends” are acquaintances at best), a window into your whereabouts and daily activities.

I would like to present a challenge, of sorts. Unplug on your next vacation (or any social gathering for that matter). Unless there is something monumental happening that you want to record live, just live in the moment devoid of the fiendish need to share it publicly. At the very least, it allows you to really indulge yourself in moments that will later become cherished memories. Remember what vacations were like before we possessed these addictive smart gadgets? When that time was better spent enjoying the company of our beloved? Unburden yourself and allow 1 day, 7 or 14 out of 365 of them to vacate from everything you normally do. After all, isn’t that the essence of what a vacation is? And quite frankly, most people won’t care that you waited to post upon your return. They’ll just enjoy seeing the good time you had.

Share with us your story of unplugging and let us know the difference it made, if any.

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