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Sex On The Beach

I’ve had sex on the beach a few times.😜   Drinking down it’s tropical juices mixed with vodka and on the beach with that special someone, which made me feel very romantic and exotic.  But I’ve always had the fantasy of having sex in a huge body of water like the Caribbean sea or a pool would feel so freeing and spiritual.  When my boyfriend and I made plans to go to the Bahamas I thought to myself, this will be my opportunity…“it’s about to go down!”   

So, here we were at a beautiful beach in the Bahamas with no one around.   The water was absolutely gorgeous, the sun was shining bright and romance was in the air.  We got into the water and we were swimming around enjoying the warm blue water.  I was so in awe of the beauty that surrounded us and was happy to be in that moment knowing my fantasy was about to come true.  He swam up to me and we started getting all frisky and excited and he rose to the occasion.  OMG… it was like trying to force a sausage into a straw!  It wasn’t happening, we both were like what the ….?  We tried a few more times but I started feeling like I was being attacked!  I thought to myself, “damn this is not working out, why is this happening? does the salt water tighten things up or is it just me?  I couldn’t understand what was going on!  I was very disappointed, but we talked and laughed about it and had no choice but to let it be.  In the back of my mind I thought about the pool and it sparked some hope that all wasn’t lost and I still might be able to live out my fantasy because no salt water in the pool…WRONG!  We had our pool opportunity and unfortunately the same results.😒

I realized that my fantasy is going to have to remain a fantasy and I’m OK with that.   Bodies of water and sex don’t work for me, so now when I want the sex and water experience it will be in the shower!

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