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My Face Was Beat!

Okay… I have to admit. I thought I knew a lot about beauty and the beauty stuff out there. Boy was I wrong!! Makeup is not a big part of the fashion spectrum I’m really into. However, on those special occasions I thought I was doing something by putting on a little eyeliner, extra mascara, lipstick, blush, eyeshadow and sometimes bronzer. I was slaying it! NOT! One day while surfing the net I was looking for tips on how to apply the winged eyeliner look. I think it looks so cute. So I wanted to step up my makeup game and do it sometime. However, this winged liner thing may seem easy for some of you guys but for me it’s an issue. You see I have this thing called hooded eyes. This is where you have that extra little flap of skin on your eyelids. Yeah I tried “winging” it a few times and let’s just say it was not a good look and I stayed in the house. LOL

Well anyway, as I surfed the net to see if I could find anything on how to get this winged look for my hooded eyes.  A YouTube video came up and I was like ahhh this is good, I think I may have found something to help me. Clicked the video and the tutorial was great. She was on point and broke it down for me. I was like Yaaasss I got this. After that video was over, another makeup tutorial popped up, then another. Lets just say I was stuck watching YouTube video makeup tutorials for hours. I know makeup is an art and there is makeup artist out there that are great but I never really took the time to see or know what it takes to get those beautiful looks! I also kept hearing the artists use the term “beat” or “face beat” I was like what are they talking about? All I knew is they were applying makeup and it was a lot of steps and it was looking the bomb! Then I had an aha moment… this “face beat” term must mean they are applying their makeup to look flawlessly beautiful. Googled “face beat” and I was right. So not only did I learn how to apply winged eyeliner on my hooded eyes, I learned what it means to beat a face… okay! I’ve learned about foundations, concealers, bronzers, hi-lighters, contouring, primers, powders, ombré eye shadow ideas, ombré lipstick application and false eyelashes. I even learned about beauty blenders and makeup brushes. I’m sure I’m leaving some things out… but geeez! I felt like I was in elementary makeup school :).  Although I’m still not much of a makeup person and I can’t imagine applying all that makeup everyday – because whew, it’s a lot of work.

After several weeks of YouTube binging, I finally did my first “face beat” with the winged liner on my hooded eyes and all.  Whoa, did I love it.  And… I’ll definitely do it again for that special occasion. I’m certainly not as good as the makeup artists out there, but I’m loving that I’ve learned so many new things about makeup.  I’m also ecstatic that I’m good enough to do it on myself.    So, If you’re ever in need of some really good free makeup tutorials and want to get a flawless beautiful glow, check out YouTube and get that face beat girl!


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