I’m A Bob Marley Fan!

I’m a big Bob fan! My top 3 songs of his are “Waiting In Vain”, “No Woman No Cry” and “Is This Love”. Watching videos of his music and life shows that he had such a magnetic persona and positive vibes. I guess that’s why he had and still has such a huge following. On one of my visits to Jamaica I had the chance to visit his resting place at Nine Mile. I traveled with my sisters, nephew and a good friend who is a huge Bob fan and she kept saying she wanted to visit Bob and go to Nine Mile. The day she wanted to go I didn’t only because that particular day was so sunny and hot, but the fan in me took over and I decided to go. I was so happy I did. We had a great time! We did the tour of the Nine Mile compound while our tour guide told us stories of Bob and the history of Nine Mile. We had lunch at the restaurant and shopped at the souvenir boutique. Walking through the compound we listened to musicians sing Bob’s songs and even some young local children came on the compound and sang songs, they were so cute! Finally we reached the mausoleum where Bob is resting. We had to remove our sandals and put our cameras away. Once inside such a peaceful and welcoming feeling came over me that I really can’t explain, it was very spiritual. It made me feel so connected to him and also sad because he is not alive to witness his continued greatness. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget! So, if you have the opportunity while vacationing in Jamaica, I would make sure to go and visit Nine Mile.

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