How To Pack For A Caribbean Vacation

Do you plan and pack ahead??…Are you a last-minute packer??… Is there really a special way to pack??

There are several techniques to minimize, coordinate and simplify your packing.  I’m a plan and pack ahead kind of girl.   I use what I call my “check list method”.  I write a list of everything I’ll need to take.  I start with my outfits which I’ve already decided…it’s usually dresses for me!   I color coordinate my outfits and swimwear with silver, gold, black and white sandals or flip flops as to try and minimize not packing 30 pairs of sandals for just a week…I can be such a diva!😉   Then I think about all the other things I’ll need from head-to-toe, like accessories and cosmetics.  When it’s time to pack, I go down my check list and check off as I put items into my suitcase. This method really works for me because I haven’t forgotten anything that I’ve needed yet!  I don’t have a special way I put things into my suitcase but I do suggest that you roll your clothes and put heavier items at the bottom.

Whichever way is your style, it just feels good to know you are on your way to an exciting vacation and you won’t be naked…unless you choose to! 😜

Hints: 1} If you have room pack a few extra hangers, always comes in handy. 

            2} Pack a large plastic bag in case you have a wet or damp swimsuit on your return home. 

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