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I Was Forced To Be Naked In Antigua

Everyone who travels with me knows that I like to skinny dip in the Caribbean ocean. Even my sisters and travel buddies like to do it too. We usually swim out so that no one can see us and remove our swimsuits. To swim freely we take our swimsuits and wrap it around our heads or necks.
Ok…so I’m in the lovely blue waters of Jolly Beach in Antigua with my friend. We are doing our usual skinny dipping fun and my friend says she’s getting out of the water and going to lounge for a little bit and that she can take my swimsuit so I don’t have to have it wrapped around my head and she would bring it back in the water to me when I’m ready to come out. I was like cool, this is my opportunity to really feel free and I won’t have to worry about holding my swimsuit. I’m swimming around and having that wonderful free feeling and totally enjoying my nakedness, the free feeling is awesome! The water is feeling warm and smooth around my body, it feels like this is the way life should be. After a little while I’m ready to get out and have a cocktail. Well I guess you can figure out what happened, she wouldn’t bring me my swimsuit. The pic says it all…Livie I owe you one!

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