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Do The Caribbean Seas Have Healing Powers?

I’m not a doctor or healer and I can’t say for sure but If I had to say it I would say Yes!

The sea is a magnificent, mysterious and beautiful thing.  The Caribbean seas are some of the most clean waters in the world.  Sea water is not sterile, but it does have natural sodium chloride, iodine and other minerals that can be very beneficial to our health.  It has been proven that exposure to a salt water environment is associated with reduced respiratory symptoms, can help to heal wounds, detoxify, promote pain relief and positive effects on mental health.  Before I left to go on one of my vacations to the Bahamas I was so sick with an upper respiratory infection.  I was coughing, my ears were clogged and my body was achy.  I was so depressed because the last thing I wanted was to be sick while on vacation.  But, here I was in the beautiful Bahamas feeling miserable!  I asked a friend who lived in the Bahamas was there some island remedy that would help?  He pointed to the sea.  Now I’m thinking, how is the sea going to help me feel better?  The way I was feeling I thought I was way past the help of taking a swim and I didn’t feel like getting in the water.  He could tell that I was skeptical but said,  “go swim out and let the water go up your nose a few times and repeat for a couple of days and you will feel brand new.”   I was desperate so I figured I would give it a try, I did what he said.  Each day I stayed in the sea for hours floating, swimming, letting the water go up my nose and after a couple of days I was almost 100%.  I could breath, no coughing, my body felt relaxed and no more aches.  I couldn’t believe it, doctors need to write a prescription for this! 😃   As it turned out my vacation wasn’t ruined and I was so grateful for the advice…thanks Ronnie! 

So, if you find yourself feeling under the weather before or while you are on vacation just let the sea work it’s magic and hopefully it will help you too!


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