Caribbean Cruising or Caribbean All-Inclusive…

Cruising is very nice, the ships are usually very big and grand and you can find one to fit most budgets. There is a lot of food, entertainment and activities to do. The cost of the cruise will usually include your accommodations, food and non-alcoholic drinks. This is a more controlled vacation, yes you get to visit different islands but, “can you really feel that island’s vibe in such a short time”?
Cruisers will always be on a timed schedule. Once you step off the ship the countdown begins so pay attention to your watch. Usually you have 5 to 6 hours to explore the island. For your convenience there are designated tours and shopping available right at the cruise ship marina, which has been designed that way. They won’t tell you this, but everything is more expensive when the cruise ships come to port so trying to get a good bargain may be a challenge. Since you have a short time to explore it allows for a limited experience. I think about if I had went on a cruise to one of my many trips to Jamaica I would have never had the chance to experience the luminous lagoon glistening waters that you must do at night. While having so much fun exploring your port destination you just have to make sure you get yourself back to the ship before it’s time to leave because if you don’t you will get left behind and if you do that expense is all on you!

All-Inclusive vacations are similar to cruise ships because everything you need is right there and you don’t have to leave the resort unless you want to. You most likely would have paid in advance for this vacation, which would include your accommodations, food, alcoholic/non-alcoholic drinks and some activities. Most islands offer different types of resorts to fit your desires from small and cozy to big and grand, one for every budget. All-inclusive vacation allows you to experience what the island has to offer at your leisure like, lying on a beautiful beach/pool all day, eating and drinking when you want, enjoying different activities and tours, shopping all day without worrying about what time or day it is and price bargaining may be easier. There is great dining around the island so if you choose to spend a little extra you can venture off the resort and enjoy some local cuisine. There is something special about having dinner on the beach at night with the candles glowing and the sound of the waves…it’s intoxicating.

So in my opinion, if you like a more structured vacation and want to visit a few islands on vacation then I think cruising is for you. But if you like to leisurely do what you want then all-inclusive is the way to go. Just remember don’t go shopping on the days cruise ships come to port, you’ll get better prices and avoid the crowds!

All in all it depends on what you want from your vacation either one you choose I’m sure you will have a fantastic time…how could you not, the Caribbean has so many beautiful places to visit!

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