Myra Bunn

Co-Owner | Artisan | Content Creator | Designer | Marketing

Robbin Bunn

Co-Owner | Artisan | Content Creator | Designer | Web Designer/Developer

Lauri Bunn

Co-Owner | Artisan | Content Creator | Designer | Social Media


Our Story

Should’nt it be Beach Bum’s Closet? Did we make a typo?  Nope, it’s right. We’re no Bums, we’re the Bunns! Three sisters from New York City with the surname Bunn.  So… what’s in a Beach Bunn’s Closet?

As children, we were fortunate to travel with our parents quite often. On one of our excursions, they introduced us to the Island of Nassau Bahamas and as the cliché goes, it was love at first sight! We were obsessed!! As soon as we became of age to travel on our own, we made it our mission to travel a lot! We especially wanted to explore several islands of the Caribbean. That exposure, along with our Antiguan lineage, helped us to appreciate and value that part of our culture. Our experiences have enriched our love for island life. The people, the food, the drinks, the music, and some of the most breathtaking beaches we’ve ever seen.  As we continue to travel, to what we now call our second home, it has inspired us to share our knowledge of traveling, resources, adventures and experiences… all while adding our own unique island fashion and flair.

Our Brand

Is what we call Girly things! We were taught from birth of what a real Fashionista is by our beautiful Mom. She was a glamorous soul who was an extremely talented and creative designer.  She designed and made most of her clothing and also designed and made some of ours. Her designs were way before her time. What’s trending in fashion now, she designed many years ago. She has taught us everything we know about designing and embracing our creativity and individual style.  And let’s just say… our Mom taught us well.  

Launched in 2018, our brand is what we consider to be a ” beachy bling – good vibe” with love and emphasis on jewelry and accessories. Did we mention we love jewels and accessories?  With our uniquely designed handmade  jewelry collections and accessories, we pride ourselves on being a little different than your average retail establishment.  Our “Closet” is filled with jeweled merchandise we created with the intention of making women sparkle and shine… literally.  So, our love and obsession with travel, beautiful beaches and accessories, along with our lifelong lessons in fashion and design have inspired us to give birth to what’s in Beach Bunn’s Closet.

Our Mission

As we expand our brand with quality merchandise, we’ll hold steadfast in the movement of empowering and uplifting women to feel confident and beautiful by loving the skin they’re in. And… what better way to add to this movement then to design, create and provide beautiful, quality inclusive merchandise for every”body”.  So, whether you’re planning a grand beach wedding or honeymoon, hanging out at the beach, by the pool, in the caribbean, the mountains, the country, enjoying a night in the city or strutting your stuff around the house, or you just want to uplift your mood, our mission is for all of you to enjoy our merchandise and to feel beautiful. Whomever or wherever you are…  We’re here to make YOU sparkle and shine! 

*Please ask us how we can customize something just for you!


Beach Bunn’s Closet is in honor of our loving Mom. Our favorite Girly Girl who will always shine bright.  We love and miss you more than words can say.